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Hazard Perception Training

As well as offering expert driving tuition for beginners, we also offer hazard perception training to prepare you for the theory test. We will train you to recognise situations on the road which are either dangerous, or have the potential to develop into dangerous situations. You will be taught visual scanning methods and anticipation so that you are able understand how driving situations can develop.

Semi-Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are not recommended for complete beginners. However, if you have some experience and would like to pass the test quickly then we recommend a semi-intensive course. To benefit from the semi intensive course, it's best to spread the lessons over a few weeks. Depending on the individual, usually 2 hours a day is enough to allow information to sink in between lessons.

Refresher Lessons

If you've  passed your practical driving test and haven't sat behind the steering wheel for a while, and need to update your skills to modern, safe and eco driving techniques, you may want to to take a refresher course. We will work on your driving skills that can help reduce emissions, minimise fuel consumption and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

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Mock Driving Test

If you are nearly ready for the test and would like to get the feel of the real thing, you may benefit from a mock driving test. This is one of the most effective ways of preparing for the practical driving test. It can help you to mentally prepare yourself for the actual test. A mock driving test provides a first hand experience of the real test, and has significant benefits because it creates the feeling of being under exam conditions.

Pass Plus / Motorway Lessons

Pass Plus will help develop your advanced driving skills. Having the Pass Plus qualification can also reduce your insurance premiums. There is no test, and upon completion you will be awarded with a certificate by the DSA. Motorway lessons are offered to newly qualified drivers, who may lack the confidence to go on the motorway on their own. Expert tuition of high speed driving will help build up confidence.

Taxi Test Lessons

To obtain a taxi licence, most local Councils will require you to pass the DSA Taxi Test. This driving test requires a driver to demonstrate good sound driving techniques. Khalil's Wheels Driving School provides driving lessons for the taxi test. We will help you to get your taxi driver licence by providing you with advanced driving techniques and in depth knowledge of what the driving test examiners are looking for.

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